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$70 per session 
Email is my preferred method of initial communication. I do not list my phone number on my website as it is my personal number I will be providing you. Please send me an email to In your email, please include your resume and current job description as well as a little bit about what your professional goals are. At this time I am only certified to provide licensure supervision to registered interns who hold MSWs. 
 After I receive your email I will contact you to set up an initial free consultation. This is similar to a job interview- for both of us! This will give us both an opportunity to see if we are a good fit and to ensure that your goals align with my experience. Expect the video call to last for approximately 30 minutes. 

Please note: at this time I am only offering virtual supervision online available throughout Florida. I use HIPAA-compliant free server, for supervision. Currently the Florida Board of SW allows for all sessions to be online; previously it was 50/50 in person/virtual but was changed in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. It was recently extended through 2026. I reside in the Gainesville area of Florida, however have experience working in the Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Orlando areas as a social worker and am familiar with the social work communities of each. 

When you decide to go forward with my Qualified Supervisor services, the process involves submitting application and paperwork to the Board of Social Work for approval as well as a contract that Grob Licensure and Consulting requires to be signed by the intern prior to supervision. This outlines responsibilities of both parties, including ethics, misconduct understanding and financial. Payment for services are required at time of each session.

Once the necessary paperwork is completed and approved, we will create a schedule around what works best for you! At this time individual supervision is all that is offered. Option for weekly one hour sessions or two hour sessions every other week. We will create a plan together that helps you achieve your clinical social work goals! 

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