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About Emily 


Emily earned her BSW and MSW from the Florida State University College of Social Work, in 2010 and 2011, respectively. She became an LCSW in 2014 (#SW12441) and a Qualified Supervisor in 2017. She has experience spanning many populations within social work including- community mental health and addictions, emergency mental health services, hospital social work, geriatric populations and private practice.  

Supervision Philosophy 
The relationship you have with your Qualified Supervisor is one of the most important decisions you can make early in your career!
It is an honor to be considered as a part of your professional journey. You probably have a few questions about why you should choose my services for your clinical supervision. 
Why pay for supervision? 
I work exceptionally hard to provide the Registered Interns that choose to work with Grob Licensure and Consulting Services a  high quality and top notch experience. Sometimes, receiving supervision from your employer leaves the intern feeling like an afterthought due to stressed managers and overwhelmed agencies with not enough resources. You will know working with me that my attention is fully yours for our whole session- no coworkers or client crises interrupting this important time. Additionally, you may want the added reassurance that a portion of your professional development is separate from your job. This can help you develop a well rounded perspective in our field. It is important within my sessions to discuss ethical implications of social work and other professional themes such as burn out; agency-provided supervision isn't always conducive to this. Lastly, you may just not want to "owe" your agency anything after you get your LCSW; some agencies require contracts after you finish your supervision and you may naturally want to move on to another experience on your professional journey! 
What Sets Grob Licensure and Consulting Services Apart? 
  • Variety of clinical experiences and settings to pull experience and knowledge
  • Provide guidance and test preparations around ASWB Clinical Exam 
  • a strong knowledge of the DSM-5 
  • focus on trauma-informed care 
  • commitment to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics and explore ethical issues in practice
  • strong love for learning and continuing education
  • focus on macro level issues that impact social work practice, including current events, policy and mechanisms of oppression 
  • a commitment to bettering the social work profession through advocacy within our own field
  • development of the personal self within the social work professional- how to prevent burn out and ensure longevity in the field 
  • stay up to date on current laws and rules within the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy 
  •  simply a passion for social work! ​
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